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A BRILLIANT STAR FALLING FROM THE HEAVEN. So much light! And yet so much darkness of pain and suffering. Norma Jean, Marilyn Monroe…And the odyssey continues… On August 5, 2007, Marilyn Monroe’s fans will commemorate the 45th anniversary of her tragic death, gathering at 9:00 AM at the Westwood Memorial Park Chapel in Westwood, California. I’ll be there to pay my respects too. Where is Norma Jean now? Many believe that she is in a better place, in Paradise with her Maker. A few feel she has paid her karma for her relationships with married men, including a president of the United States. The consensus is that in spite of other falling stars and others continuing to shine on the firmament, Marilyn still remains the brightest star of all in the world of entertainment, and known in all five continents, as the most famous sex symbol. See the eleven-minute video-clip at the bottom of the first page of for more info! Marilyn Monroe’s charisma and imprint on the psyche of her generation and the following ones, stay indisputable and even grow with every passing year. What is the secret of her mystic? And yet others, about 25% of the western population, and virtually 100% in the Far East, approximately three quarters of the world’s people, believe in reincarnation. Among them Dalai Lama and millions, and probably billions of hidden humanity luminaries, subscribe to the rebirth cycle. Yes, Marilyn Monroe was that unique superstar, but before that man-made Hollywood-created fame, was first and above all, the human, Norma Jean Mortensen. Norma Jean died tragically, prematurely and unjustly. It seems that according to my 30 years reincarnation and past-life regression therapy professional work experience, with over 4,000 individual cases, backed up through corroboration by many of my eminent colleagues in this pioneering scientific field, she had the right to reincarnate like anyone else. Otherwise, it would be reverse discrimination. No, no! Not for fame and money Sherrie Lea Laird, the most probable proved reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe, found me “coincidentally,” more than eight years ago, begging me, as a doctor specialized in this field, to save her from her pain and suffering, to save her from committing suicide, due to nightmares and flashbacks of having lived before as Marilyn Monroe. Prior to her first contact with me in the beginning of October, 1998, she already attempted suicide several times. As a trained psychiatrist, I recognized from the very beginning, that unlike hundreds of beautiful young women stepping forward and claiming to be Marilyn Monroe reincarnated or impersonated, Sherrie did not want to be Marilyn, but wanted to be herself and pursue her beloved singing career and fight for animal rights. Thus, my first impression of her was correct: she came across to me as a troubled psyche seeking relief, not notoriety. The same fame and money argument against our book: Marilyn Monroe Returns: The Healing of a Soul, that has been many times brutally and cruelly thrown at Sherrie by skeptics and disbelievers, has been leveled at me, as well, and at times even more caustically, being unjustly accused, without any proof or foundation, of taking advantage of a poor soul, that of Sherrie. As a matter of fact, because of false negative publicity the book hasn’t sold, since June 30, 2006 when it was first published in hardcover by Hampton Roads Publishing, as I and Sherrie wished that the inflated estimates predicted by our detractors would promote. This month the book was just released in the paperback. If I was looking for money and fame, and use Sherrie for that purpose, and she knows what I mean, how comes she found me rather than me finding her? Also, if money and fame were my motivation, why should I do it so late in my present incarnation, after almost 40 years of being a physician? Why not as a young man? I’ve never looked for that kind of recognition and none for that matter. I just wanted to help people, famous or not, as a healer, which I’ve done over many lifetimes. That’s my main mission in the Master Plan of the Creator, that is my Dharma, that is what I love to do the most. And God is my witness. But, as the saying goes: “For those who believe, no explanation is necessary; for those who don’t, no explanation is possible.” Besides, when Sherrie, in the end of six months into research/therapy with me, which began in October 1998, was apprehensive not to hurt her budding singing career as a young rising pop star, through her public claim of being the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe, chose to stop our work altogether, I respected her wish. Six years past, and I never contacted Sherrie or try to persuade her to continue our work. She re-contacted me out of desperation, and after two more attempted suicides, due to Marilyn’s “demons.” Sherrie desperately needed help, after all psychotropic medications and psychiatric hospitalizations in Canada, did not do her any good. What kind of fame and money is that? The accusations against me and Sherrie are outrageous, trying to hurt us and our book, by which we just want to spread, from the high platform of Marilyn, the truth of reincarnation and its healing power, promoting Love, Healing, Peace and Joy in our troubled world. But above all, our detractors, and at times outright haters, are trying unsuccessfully to hurt the TRUTH. However, the truth sets us free, as people. Eventually, like the oil, the truth will float on the surface of the water, as it always does. Then, as predicted by Los Angeles Times in August 2, 2006, in its big front page feature, Marilyn Monroe Returns: The Healing of a Soul (and millions of souls,) would not only be “reminiscent of the 1956 bestseller In Search of Briday Murphy,” (a controversial book on reincarnation,) but be a message of Love, Healing, Peace and Joy, to be heard by billions. Dear readers, please help Sherrie and me in spreading this message! Thank you! Love and Light, Adrian
What are your thoughts and experiences about past lives and reincarnation?
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