By Love Reclaimed: Jean Harlow Returns to Clear Her Husband's Name
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      “NEW NORMAL…?”   “NORMALCY”—LONG ESTABLISHED NEAT LITTLE COMPARTMENTS/BOXES OF FALSE BELIEFS…   They say: “Look and act “normal…!”   Otherwise, you’re criticized, face hostility, are mocked, demeaned, called false names, such as childish, unfit, mentally imbalanced/retarded, stupid, moron, etc.… That is because you don’t conform with a long established societal lie being “truth,” just because a vast majority follow it, like flock…   Fake and despicable stories, are constantly fabricated against you, by this conformist “righteous majority,” because you dare to oppose it, be truthful, tell and act the truth…   Q: But, is it a majority…?   A: No, it is not! It is a very small oligarchic minority of power elite, and we have the power to delete this power elite. At close scrutiny it is easy to determine that it is not a majority … It is just our tendency to follow so-called “leaders…” The opposite is true, we are the vast majority in which each and everyone of us, deep inside, carries the torch of truth and love, because each and everyone of us is made in God’s image and likeness—Perfect… AND GOD IS A GOD OF TRUTH AND LOVE…   THEREFORE, “NEW NORMAL” IS NOT REALLY NEW, IT IS OUR ONENESS FROM GOD, THROUGH GOD AND FOR GOD, IN LOVE, TRUTH AND COMPASSION…   LOVE AND TRUTH,   Adrian