By Love Reclaimed: Jean Harlow Returns to Clear Her Husband's Name
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Review on Jean Harlow: The Blonde Bombshell

It is sad and unfair that biographies as well as history are often a matter of perception rather than truth. They are passed to posterity “authoritatively” by a credible famous actress, such as Sharon Stone, as truth, while in fact they are a concoction of truth mixed with falsehood.

To the astute, the main MGM physician appears to have been bought by the MGM, as were many public officials in order to conceal the truth and produce, like in movies, a false scenario of Paul Bern’s impotence and suicide under its overall cover-up serving self-interest reasons.

It seems Harlow did not lie out of “loyalty” though the marriage “was not consummated,” as implied by Stone’s narrative, but told the truth that she is not part of this MGM cover-up and that she loves Paul.

However, in spite of the above distortions, in this documentary, Harlow and Bern are presented for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear as the real love of each other’s life.

Thus, an allusion made in Stone’s narrative to this effect, is that it seems that for Jean Harlow Mr. Right was Paul Bern.

As viewers are more perceptive than they are given credit for, the lack of the truth luster in this documentary may explain why such a documentary presentation is pushed back in’s rank and in real life and unfortunately condemned to oblivion and forgotten, together with their main characters, Jean Harlow and Paul Bern.

Another hint attesting to the above assertion about Jean and Paul being the love of each other’s life, contrary to MGM’s cover-up, casting in the public eye William Powell, as such in the film “Reckless” and in real life, rather than Paul Bern, is the song going: “If you’ll be my hero, I’ll be your little girl…” This song is associated with the picture of Jean Harlow and Paul Bern in front of the MGM executive bungalow, 79 years ago, song that also concludes the whole documentary.

All in all, I give this documentary four stars, as it did more justice to the life and legacy of Jean Harlow than other similar presentations of the First Hollywood Blonde Bombshell.

Personally, I give Jean Harlow five stars.

Hopefully, in the near future the truth in the public perception will prevail, and on the Hollywood Walk of Fame by Jean Harlow’s star there will be another star…that of Paul Bern. --Adrian Finkelstein