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Hi dear Sher, I was thinking and it dawned on me that we, especially you, are very ambitious, courageous and daring individuals. We almost literally took the bull by the horns, without any prior experience in this kind of “bull fighting.” Not only that, but we picked up the most provocative scenario possible. We undertook several “mission impossible” tasks: 1. To heal Sherrie/Marilyn’s soul and release her from her Marilyn's "demons," my main task, which is intricately related and interdependent on 2. The prove of reincarnation, in which only 25% of the North American people believe, and also 3. The extraordinary and most daunting of all tasks, to prove that you are the only linear reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe, that a celebrity like Marilyn Monroe can reincarnate too. Out of 25% of reincarnation believers in US and Canada, there is probably an even slimmer fraction of believers that celebrities like you reincarnate. I bet, if we have done this tenaciously hard and prolonged work (for almost eight years) in India, or let’s say in Tibet, with Dalai Lama, it would have been an infinitely easier job for us, BECAUSE THEY ARE OPEN TO THE SPIRIT, BODY IS SPIRIT MANIFEST AND A CONTINUUM OF THE SPIRIT, unlike our western society, open only to tangible physical facts, castrated from the SPIRIT. Thank God that half to three quarters of the population of the world, believe in reincarnation, not as a religion, but a proven way of life, for millenia. Just some thoughts and feelings…The newly released book: "Marilyn Monroe Returns: The Healing of a Soul," is our very modest contribution to the betterment of the world. Adrian