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Kevin Ryerson, channeled Ahtun-Re, and as stated above, confirmed AF being the linear and only reincarnation of AD. More information on the teleconference session with Ahtun-Re follows:

Ahtun-Re Confirms

On July 14, 2005 I had a channeling session with Kevin Ryerson, world famous channeler, known for his long work relationship with Shirley MacLaine and appearing in her film on reincarnation Out On a Limb. He gained the reputation once held by Edgar Cayce, as being presently the foremost American Channeler. In my session with him, Kevin entered a deep trance and channeled the ancient Egyptian Spirit of Ahtun-Re, over 3000 year-old, that proved to be up to now accurate in its readings. The following are my questions followed by Ahtun-Re answers:

Q: Is Sherrie Lea Laird the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe?

A: Yes.

Q: Sherrie Lea Laird is lately puzzled that after searching on internet, found so many other women claim to be the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe. How do you respond to that?

A: Sherrie Lea Laird is the true linear reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe.

Q: Could Sherrie Lea Laird be reincarnated as a split soul of Marilyn Monroe, and there are other splits of her soul that already reincarnated, or are waiting to reincarnate?

A: No. Sherrie Lea Laird is the linear soul of Marilyn Monroe. She is the only soul reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe.

Q: Am I the linear, only soul reincarnation of Antoine Daquin, Principal Physician of King Louis XIV as you revealed to Dr. Walter Semkiw on June 18, 2005?

A: Yes.

Q: Is Madam de Montespan the one that helped me to become King Louis XIV’s Principal Physician, named Antoine Daquin, through her good word in my favor to the King? Is she the one and the same person with Sherrie Lea Laird? Is Sherrie Lea Laird the reincarnation of Madam de Montespan?

A: No. Sherrie Lea Laird is the reincarnation of Louise de la Valiere. She was Madam de Montespan’s Mentor. It happens Louise de la Valliere, a beautiful young woman, played in Moliere’s plays as a lead actress. She told Madam de Montespan to introduce you to the King. (Historical documentation reveals that Louise de la Valliere became the mistress of King Louis XIV; but in spite of loving and being loyal to the King, she was involved in a court intrigue, as she knew secrets of State, from Nicolas Fouquet, Minister of Finance, who fell in love with her. Eventually, a so-called plot to overthrow the King by Fouquet, was foiled by Jean Baptist Colbert, the prime Minister. Apparently, it happened like when Marilyn Monroe was romantically involved with the President of the United States and allegedly knew from him secrets of State. The result was that Louise was abandoned by the King. Louis XIV took then another mistress, Madam de Montespan that helped her former Mentor, by now past rival, Louise de la Valliere, in referring me to the King, as a very accomplished physician, upon the death of his old physician, Doctor Valot. That is the way I became King’s Principal Physician, position which I held for 22 years, the longest of any of his physicians. However, Louise’s support for me stemmed from the fact to be further explained by Ahtun-Re. After the King rejected her, Louise fell into despair, and took the vow to be a nun, at the Carmelite Convent in Paris. She was very much mentally disturbed by the court intrigue, in which she was innocent, and especially being abandoned by the King. In the Convent she remembered me, as I treated successfully her family. Thus, she called upon me to save her. And I did…with God’s help…)

Q: What was my relationship with Louise de la Valliere?

A: She was very ill. She had hysteria, almost like schizophrenia. You devised there a unique pioneering breakthrough psychiatric treatment that you continue nowadays. As she got well, she was so impressed by you and this is when she arranged for you to become the main physician of the King. (It is interesting to note that about nine years ago, I regressed myself into multiple past lives under self-hypnosis, to discover some of my earthly soul-mates. A year later, I wrote and copyrighted an unpublished manuscript on soul-mates based on those regressions: A Search For Love Through Many Lives. COINCIDENCE? The regressions took place around the time Sherrie connected with me the first time, in 1998. Chapter 24 is titled: “Life in France as Male Healer.” Under self-hypnotic past life regression, I then learned I was a noble physician in year 1667. I was 47 at the time. As my focus was on soul-mates and not my professional, or political affiliations at the time, what I got was the soul-mate story. Several years later, I was at a Convent, were I was attending to many of my patients. There I met Louise, a young and beautiful unhappy nun with brown light curls and deep blue eyes. She was very ill, as already mentioned, and at her request I healed her…with God’s help…)

Q: Was my present wife, Shulah married to me also, during the reign of King Louis XIV?

A: No. She was your assistant. She was also a physician. She was the daughter of a pharmacist, preparing medications, herbs, herself. She was mystic, half-Jewish and into Kabbalah. Her father was Jewish and had a liberal mind. She helped you treat Louise’s cardiopulmonary tract by change of diet, sea food and calcium to strengthen the Nervous System. There was also a mild mixture involving opium. But you cured Louise de la Valliere, especially by applying your pioneering breakthrough in psychiatry, ministering to her as spirit. It was psychiatric spiritual healing.

Q: What is the reason Sherrie Lea Laird found me among so many, what is the purpose here and why now?

A: Sherrie Lea Laird, the linear reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe is like Cleopatra of these modern times. She possesses cinematic film standup. There are impersonators, or associates of Marilyn Monroe, or her time. But, not many memories were recorded with others as you did with Sherrie under hypnosis. Also, no one has her personality. Miss Monroe was one of those forces and achieving identity so quickly through the astral body. Singing voice notoriety and later as an actress, she achieved more than anyone in her career through her physical charm. Now she still possesses this physical charm. She used to be a sex symbol. But now she is in for more serious roles she always wanted. There is more flattery. And as for you, what is your connection with Sherrie Lea Laird? How one perceives karma. Sometimes you are bound together with others without your will, like in the court of Louis XIV. You were a physician. You attended Louise de la Valliere and your present wife, then a physician and your assistant, helped to prepare medications and dieting elements. You diagnosed her as Increasing Stress, as a result of the stress in the Court. Louise de la Valliere was very fearful of living in the court and manifested anxiety and hysteria. There was the risk in the Court that she may divulge Court secrets. You helped her from debility to stability, resulting in a remarkable transformation and richer expression. You cured her of what it was almost schizophrenia. You gave her eloquent treatment, like modern to psychiatry, in which you enlightened her about the existence of the soul.

Karma attention is focused on the patient. Yours is a breakthrough in the healing ability in the Court. In this life is the karmic counterpart, the support she lends to you as a physician.

Q: Was I married to my present wife in other lives?

A: Yes, at the time of Akhnathen, there was a revolution in history. You were both high priests. Pharo destroyed life accomplishments. You were transitorily excommunicated from the priesthood, but restored. You were risk takers on taboo. You were both deep and uniquely spiritual. It is good to allow your spouse to be in the public eye with you, appear publicly together. You are both photogenic. You are a strength Team Model for people for traditional marriage, opposite of Hollywood.

Q: Was I a Levi, El Kana, during Moses time?

A: Yes, you were in the Moses and Akhnathen house, during Ramses II. El Kana was your title rather than the individual.

Q: Was I a healer in Egypt during Moses’ time?

A: Yes, you have a very good healing voice, you developed then. The way you were healing is by out of body means, by experiencing death. You would have the soul exit through the crown chakra, to that brilliant light meeting it and tune it with the dear ancestors and God, receiving luminescence. Then you would bring the soul back in the body through the crown chakra bringing to a spontaneous remission even of cancer, of the damaged mitochondria DNA, and restore it… The key: NAFA chakras are connected to memory. The soul has to leave the body because of that.

Q: Is my discovery of Iris Recognition Comparison between Marilyn Monroe and Sherrie Lea Laird eyes valid to prove to skeptics and disbelievers, that their irises are identical? How about the voices, can they be proved identical too?

A: Yes for Iris Recognition Comparison. For voices there will be a few differences of dialect.

Q: How to convince the skeptics about the authenticity of Sherrie Lea Laird being the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe?

A: Apply self-hypnosis, going into light, before speaking sincerely to the ones who are positive, not only to skeptics. Use powerful visualizations.

Q: Is Oprah Winfrey going to have Sherrie and myself in her show?

A: Once finishing the book, send her a nice manuscript for pre-publishing review. She is a natural avid reader. She will act favorably for two reasons: one, your qualifications as a physician and two, the case of Marilyn Monroe.

Q: Is the story of Marilyn/Sherrie going to be made into a film and documentaries?

A: Yes. A very good one is HBO.


On September 1st, 2005 Ahtun-Re, channeled by Kevin Ryerson, disclosed to me one of my other past lives. I was Joseph Ptolemy, the physician of Constantine the Great, his mother Helena and his daughter Constantia (Constanza). According to Ahtun-Re I was a Diaspora Neo-Hellenistic Jewish physician, practicing medicine in this capacity. Furthermore, he revealed that my oldest daughter, Drorit, was my patient Constanza. Athun-Re explained that at the time, during the fourth century A.D., Neo-Hellenistic Jews in the Byzantine Empire, used to live centered around Athens and Rome. I was a Pythagorean physician and a student of Aristotle. Because of my Pythagorean origin I went to Alexandria, Egypt to study medicine. During my tenure as Constantine’s physician and his household, I accompanied Helena to the Holy Land, being her personal doctor. Later in life, I retired in Egypt. Ahtun-Re claims that upon my death I was mummified and that my name and life accomplishments survived through the Emperor’s household association. There is a wide range of reference to my name, when Constantine’s mother visited Palestine accompanied by me. Thus my name survived. Moreover, according to Ahtun-Re my family had a touch of Greco-Roman influence which appeared in its name. My family name originates from a prestigious Greek lineage of Bartholomew, but my first name was Jewish, while the family name became Ptolemy. The last name was given to me from that famous Egyptian lineage of same as Cleopatra’s. I read the Tetragramaton, and spoke Hebrew, in addition of Ancient Egyptian, Greek and Latin. But my identity remained Greek and Jewish.

Eventually, I regressed myself to my life as Joseph Ptolemy. I got glimpses of Constantine riding a horse during a battle and being slightly injured by an arrow, which penetrated his right calf. I removed it with a quick thrust, as he laid down with many rows of Roman soldiers encircling us for protection. Then I poured from my bag salt on both sides of the penetration points and bandaged the wound with plant leafs that were thin, a species of Aloe Vera. I scraped them with a knife prior to the application and then put the scrapped face of the leaf in direct contact with the skin. The salt burned terribly, but the Emperor was brave and took it without moving a muscle on his face. He only closed his eyes. During the healing I entered a self-induced trance and I prayed to my Jewish God to give the Emperor a complete recovery. As he appeared to have difficulty breathing, I prepared him later on in the palace, some liquefied fruit pulp of Crescentia cujete, a tropical plant, used as a tonic and for pulmonary problems, such as shortness of breath and bronchial asthma. He improved.

Another glimpse during my self-regression was of Constantia, looking the same like in this life, as my daughter Drorit. Constantia cut her left middle finger with a knife. I took care of it with the same local remedy I used for her father, Constantine. She and her grandmother Helena became very close and loving toward me. It was reciprocal. Helena suffered of an inflammation of the liver. Nowadays, we call it hepatitis. Numerous times, out of my great affection for her, I advised her to refrain from drinking wine, as my diagnosis linked alcohol, as a cause to her ailing liver. But she couldn’t help it and after a period of sobriety, while I would treat her with Dandelion and Aloe Vera by mouth, as well as energetic massages with my hands over her liver area, accompanied by trance prayer, she would reverse to drinking. Eventually she gave up drinking for good, as she listened to me. But some years after, because she was old and after many years of abusing her body with alcohol, she passed on.

After the self-regression I consulted Encyclopedia Britanica and to my pleasant surprise and amazement, I found that Crescentia cujete existed as a tropical plant. The pulp of its fruit is used in some tropical places for medicinal purposes, in lung disorders, especially in asthma, and that among other properties it has, is an emollient and expectorant. My shocking surprise came from realizing that I never studied nor heard of this plant, during my medical training and practice, in my present life. And during the regression I got the accurate name for the correct use of this medicinal plant.

As a scientist, listening to my inner intuition and self-past life regression research, coupled with the fact that Ahtun-Re proved to be accurate in so many previous occasions with me, but mostly with my colleague Walter Semkiw, M.D., I’m inclined to accept that I probably was Joseph Ptolemy.

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