A Psychiatrist's Notebook, Practical Self-Discovery & Self-Help Spiritual Guide

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This Newsletter is an excerpt, chapter 1 of my book: A Psychiatrist's Notebook, Practical Self-Discovery & Self-Help Spiritual Guide



Fundamental Truths

Q: Is there life after death?

A: No. There is life after life, or to put it simply, life eternal. There is no death. In one respect, life is much like an incurable disease. There is no end to it.

Q: Does this mean only life in the spirit, after the physical body dies, as affirmed by major religions or reincarnation in another body?

A: Duality of spirit and body is a delusion. Body is spirit manifest, which we call matter. We have been taught by ignorant, deceitful and profit-seeking individuals, with only a shade of truth, that our body is imperfect, weak, abnormal, inferior, and subject to illness, degeneration, decay and death. Even worse, that it is conceived and born in sin. None of this is true. Reincarnation is not necessary, but it happens because of what can best be called faulty programming. The sages point out that if there is a light in the center of the room, why must we circle around it time after time (or life after life), when we can go directly to this light, capture it, and incorporate it into our being? In this way, reincarnation and karma are dissolved forever.

Q: If there is a God or a supreme Power, where is It? Especially, where is It when one is sick, downtrodden, poor, in pain and suffering?

A: God is within you and everywhere. As often as you can, conceive of God within your body, in everyone of its cells, atoms and their minutest particles, as well as in your entire being as spirit. Know that you are one with God, one with perfection and harmony. Practice this awareness daily. After all, you are made in God's image and likeness and given dominion over all creation, including your body. See God in everyone's face. Project love, perfection and harmony to everyone, including yourself. Negativity of any kind only separates us from God and programs in us that sense of separation which is a delusion. For example, any disease of mind or body, such as cancer, as well as negative thoughts directed to ourselves or others, separate us from God. Once separated, we become weak and lost. I like the example of a drop of water. By itself it is of little consequence; but join it with the ocean and that drop becomes awesome. Being one with God and through God with all people and all creation, and one with Perfection and Harmony, we are enabled to rise above all limitations, all problems. They become what they really are, blind spots in our consciousness. However, once they are incorporated in the spirit of God, they vanish.

Bad relationships are responsible for most problems in human experience, since they separate us from God. However, they can become good relationships by seeking oneness with God and reuniting with the Principle of Perfection. God in me relating to God in you, cannot make but for a perfect relationship. Thus, being one with God and one with perfection, we rise above the limitations and problems of living.

Q: How can this approach help a person with cancer?

A: Thoughts influence bodily cells, including cancerous ones. Daily and hourly practice of the kind of awareness we have mentioned provides wonderful treatment. Imagine biting into a big, juicy lemon. Just the thought of it can stimulate certain cells in the mouth to produce more saliva, while other cells sense sourness. Body cells renew themselves constantly. In nine months, in fact, totally new cells are formed. That is a real resurrection! As in the example of the lemon, these cells will be influenced according to the imprint of our thoughts, feelings, speech and actions. Every time we use negative expressions, such as "I can't”, "I don't know", "I’m sick", "I'm no good", "He/She is no good", "Life is hard", "I'm angry with myself”, "I'm angry at you", "I hate myself", "I hate you", or other negative thoughts, we betray ourselves, we betray God within ourselves. Instead, we should extol God within, bless the body and thank God for our countless blessings. Recognizing the Principle of God's Perfection, we affirm there is no cancer; the spirit is healed instantly and the spirit manifest, which is the body, follows as bodily cells renew in their healthy form. There is value in orthodox medicine, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or any other accepted therapy; however, they are to be considered only as agencies through which one introduces the Perfection of the Principle of God into one's being. That Principle of God is the real healer. After one’s instant healing in spirit, one should thank God in full faith countless times for the healing, even though this may not be readily manifested in the physical form. However, it will eventually, you must be sure.