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Wednesday, June 20, 2007 - 8:19pm
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Ho 'oponopono

Dear Members and Visitors,


It's been a long time since I've been practicing the principles of Ho 'oponopono that translated from the Hawaiian language means: To make it right, to rectify, correct.

I've done it under different words and guises over lifetimes, as we all do more or less. However, we healers may practice it more than others. Nevertheless, in the final analysis, we all must be healers...

In the today's Newsletter I began sharing this knowledge with the subscribers, through the first chapter of my book: A Psychiatrist's Notebook, Practical Self-Discovery & Self-Help Spiritual Guide. The rest of the chapters will be eventually incorporated in some of the future Newsletters.

The main principle at work in "To make it right, to rectify, correct," is that the true self-identity is void--nothing, or zero. So is the Infinite Intelligence of God from which we were created in Its image and likeness. Our soul--the subconscious and conscious, were initially void. But in time, and over reincarnations, we filled the subconscious with memories and inspirations. Memories are compared to thorns (from pain, suffering, poverty, wars and the negative feelings and false beliefs associated with them,) and inspirations (from the Infinite Intelligence of God,) with a rose.

We have been programed to believe that each and everyone is responsible for himself/herself. The truth is that we are all one and only artificially separated. Therefore, each and everyone is responsible for the world he/she created around him/her (including family, friends, foes, negative conditions, his/hers or other physical bodies' dis-eases, beginning with himself/herself.)

In other words when one is aligned with the inspirational void of the Creator, one forgives oneself and loves oneself, one heals oneself by erazing the memories from this and other lifetimes, and restoring the void in the soul. Certainly, this is our conscious choice to begin with it. Masters practice daily and hourly this truth, cleansing their souls of memories. This cleansing should be incessant, as the void has a way to be replenished back with memories.

Amazingly, as one restored his/her own soul void--true self, cleansing it incessantly of memories, indirectly, as he/she is part of the oneness with the world he/she created (like chosing his/her parents in this reincarnation, etc.,) he/she ends up healing people around him/her and efectively solving problems.

In that most elevated state, she/he should say to herself/himself: "SORRY AND I LOVE YOU!" "MIRACLES" WILL FOLLOW...

Sorry and I love you,