By Love Reclaimed: Jean Harlow Returns to Clear Her Husband's Name
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It began with PEACE eons ago…It was in Paradise

and then there was WAR on Earth…

PEACE and WAR, Paradise and Earth, are WITHIN, as we’re all ONE!

“Outside” is a misleading illusion, continuing to foster WAR on Earth…always trying to blame the “Outside,” rather than taking “Inside” full responsibility for PEACE in Paradise…and the lack of IT blamed on a scapegoat…SO SAD!!!

Peace starts from within the individual. We must turn the tables in favor of peace. We have to learn as a people, to stop looking like hypnotized at a table with a quarreling couple in a restaurant, and instead begin looking at a table with a loving one. We have to stop being excited by badness and begin learning to love and enjoy goodness.

If six billion people in this world would say “No” to war and “Yes” to peace, governments will follow suit…No choice!

Then, perhaps there will be PEACE—PARADISE on Earth…

Wishing all my friends God-given inner peace,






The choice is ours. The prophets of doom and gloom and their followers are choosing the darkside path…They may call themselves “enlightened,” but paranoia, or looking for the negative in everyone and everything, is their search engine…”Reality” is their password and they think they have an ID…

God is the most positive word in the dictionary, from which all positives spring…including our divine ID and password. Once we’ve found ourselves in God, any search engine is obsolete…

In order to change the world to a better one, the change should start first within the individual and will then continue without…The history of humankind has demonstrated this REALITY time over time…Beginning with self-determination and self-love and continuing with acceptance and love toward others works, while beginning with self-hatred and self-tyranny and continuing with hatred and tyranny toward others fails…

I wish everyone the LIGHTSIDE,

Real Love and Light,


The choice is