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Saturday, 17 April 2010

First, for Mercury Retrograde Info (April 17/18-May 11, 2010,) visit:



ON MAY 5, 2010, AT MYSTIC JOURNEY BOOKSTORE ON 1319 ABBOTT KENNEY BOULEVARD, VENICE, CALIFORNIA 90291 (310) 399-7070, 7-9 PM, THERE WILL BE A Workshop collaboratively presented by James Wanless, PH.D., creator of the famous, bestselling Voyager Tarot cards and Adrian Finkelstein, M.D., former professor at three universities, honoree of two national awards, pioneer, author and world-class expert in past-lives and spiritual healing.


General workshop topic matter:


How stimulating one’s intuition, by the Voyager Tarot cards, one can discover and understand one’s past-lives with their assets and liabilities, thus forge forward, in soul growth, by enhancing the first and letting go of the latter.

IARRT Annual International Conference 2010

Join us in San Diego this October
for IARRT's Annual Conference
October 15-17, 2010
at the Hilton San Diego Mission Valley Hotel
San Diego, California

Saturday, October 16 - Banquet - 8:00 p.m.
Adrian Finkelstein, M.D. The reincarnation of Jean Harlow

Accompanied by Dr. Finkelstein, legendary actress Jean Harlow returns, most probably  reincarnated as Valarie Franich.. Born March 3, 1911 Jean Harlow was the original "Blond Bombshell," with luminous skin swathed in white satin gowns, kewpie doll red lips, and that trend setting platinum blond hair. This golden girl tantalized moviegoers early on in her career with revealing costumes and sensational movie lines such as, "Would you be shocked if I changed into something more comfortable?" in her breakout film, "Hell's Angels" (1930).

Throughout her decade-long acting career, Harlow made 36 movies, received countless accolades, including landing the cover of LIFE magazine - a first for any movie actress - and was one of the most widely loved stars in town; certainly on her home lot of MGM.

Despite her sudden death at age 26 of kidney failure, Harlow would not be forgotten; the American Film Institute voted her No. 22 on their esteemed list of the "50 Greatest Stars of the Cinema" some 60 years after her tragic death on June 6, 1937.

Dr. Finkelstein conducted detailed and intensive research using the five phenotypes, including the FBI-like Facial Grid recognition match, in comparing actress Jean Harlow to Valerie Franich. After all of his research, Dr. Finkelstein concluded that Franich is the linear and only reincarnation of Jean Harlow.

The FBI Security Facial Grid comparison confirmed that Valerie Franich and Jean Harlow are one and the same face. According to the same five phenotypes, like in the case of Marilyn Monroe and Sherrie Lea Laird match, Jean Harlow and Valerie Franich are two lifetimes with one face and one personality.

SPECIAL NOTE: Dr.Finkelstein has indicated that Valerie will join him at the IARRT conference, contrbute to his speech, and answer together with him questions from the audience. To the left you can see images of Valerie Franich and Jean Harlow.

Adrian Finkelstein, MD is a board certified psychiatrist who has sub-specialized in hypnosis beginning in 1965. Since 1977, he has researched past lives and past-life therapy. He graduated from Hadassah Medical School, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel (1968). In addition to Jean Harlow, Dr. Finkelstein's research includes Marilyn Monroe's reincarnation in the person of Sherrie Lea Laird, singer, which was published in 2006 in his book: Marilyn Monroe Returns: The Healing of a Soul, and many other reincarnated famous and lay people alike.

Dr. Finkelstein is also a Spiritual healer, teacher, author, researcher, speaker and world-class expert in past-life regression therapy over the past 30 years; former professor at three universities, Chicago Medical School, University of Health Sciences, Rush University Medical College and UCLA; recipient of the first distinguished awards from two top-notch medical institutions, The Menninger School of Psychiatry, upon graduation, and The US Central Neuropsychiatric Association, for his outstanding and groundbreaking research work on mind over matter.

Dr. Finkelstein has appeared for his professional work in CNN, MSNBC, Fox News Television-Geraldo at Large, BBC, GM TV UK, Japanese TV, Coast-to-Coast Radio, W-Radio and many other TV and radio media; featured big on front page in Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, New York Daily News, Boston Globe, Sunday Telegraph, and many other publications; praised for his book: Marilyn Monroe Returns: the Healing of a Soul by Publisher's Weekly and Library Journal.

In his work, Dr. Finkelstein has been providing Healing for: Relationships, Depression, Anger, Fears, Anxiety, Panic, Headaches, Cancer and other conditions.

His Books include:

  • Your Past Lives and the Healing Process, A Psychiatrist Looks at Reincarnation and Spiritual Healing (1985,) quoted by Brian Weiss, M.D. in his book: Through Time Into Healing, as suggested reading.
  • A Psychiatrist Search For God, Back to God Finding Joy in Divine Union (1996)
  • A Search For Love Through Many Lives (Manuscript 1999)
  • Search For Love, Screenplay (2000)
  • Knowing Your Past Lives Can Heal You (Manuscript 2000)
  • Time Travel Video (2002)
  • A Psychiatrist's Notebook, Practical Self-Discovery & Self-Help Spiritual Guide (2005)
  • Marilyn Monroe Returns: The Healing of a Soul published by Hampton Roads Publishing Company in June 30, 2006