By Love Reclaimed: Jean Harlow Returns to Clear Her Husband's Name
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TODAY IS TONIGHT, is an autobiographical book, written by Jean Harlow.


Its two main characters, Peter and Judy are disguised names, beginning respectively with P and J, namely, Peter (Paul) and Judy (Jean.)


TODAY IS TONIGHT describes that part of Jean’s life having to do with her romantic relationship with Paul Bern. The meaning of the title is a fantasy attempt to restore Paul, the love of her life, back to life, after his murder. The book was heavily edited by MGM, due to its selfish interests, which conflicted with the truth that Paul and Jean were the love of each other life, and Paul was a virile man, far from being impotent as tarnished by the MGM cover-up, and died as he was murdered by his common-law ex-wife, Dorothy Millette, rather than committing suicide.


Because of the MGM’s opposition, Jean could not publish her book. It was published about 30 years after her death and presently is listed on Amazon.

In the book, it is said that Peter (Paul) became blind in a horse accident, following a blow to the head by his horse.  Again, it is a disguise of what really happened. The analogy is also clear, that Peter sustained a horse stroke to his temple and Paul a bullet by the murderess, Dorothy Millette. Really, the horse stroke at his temple rendered Peter blind, but the bullet killed Paul. Blindness, not death, was Jean’s fantasy in order to keep Paul, the love of her life, alive.

Jean was inspired in writing her book by a similar novel by Charlotte Bronte, JANE EYRE.


Regarding her relationship with the love of her life, in her book, Judy (Jean) strongly supported that she had a satisfactory sex life with Peter (Paul) that he was not impotent.


Judy (Jean) also maintains that Peter (Paul) was mentally and emotionally healthy.