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Thank you my dearest daughter for sharing with me Man de la Mancha:, and addressing it to me:


Man of La Mancha will always remind me of you


How could you depict me to a T? LOL!


I wish I could impart to the world his wisdom, love of life, people and justice, and to right wrongs.


God forbid, I’m not even daring to compare myself with him and his spiritual greatness that he represents. He and his author, Miguel de Cervantes, remain the original inspiration to our troubled world, wrought with injustice, hatred and wars.


True, though I knew about him and his famous story, it never rang so clearly to me as through your remark, comparing me with him.

Thank you again, but certainly there are others who deserve more this lofty comparison…


What I know, is that my philosophy of life is very similar to Man de la Mancha, with respect to his aspirations to oppose injustice and give only good to the world by following “the impossible dream…”


This “impossible dream” avers, that in God’s vast universe there is Good and Evil, Love and Hatred, Peace and War, Oneness through the Universal Higher Power and Division, but we should always contribute in maintaining its harmony by bringing about balance like in that movie: Fiddler on the Roof, LOL! That is choosing Good over Evil, Love over Hatred, Peace over War, Oneness over Division…


That means: Peace, Love and

Brotherhood/Sisterhood in the world…in Compassion and Oneness through the Loftiest: God, The Higher Power within and Everywhere…


That means seeing the good in everyone, everywhere and in every life experience and bestowing love on all…


Love always,


Your Dad, Adrian