By Love Reclaimed: Jean Harlow Returns to Clear Her Husband's Name
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My dear friends,


As the years go by, let us not listen to inner and outer prophets of doom, haters, spoilers, complainers, pessimists, skeptics, disbelievers, demeaning, contemptuous, and other wannabe negative “influences…!”


Let us be always keenly aware that you are eternally staying young, humorous, witty, and full of life-zest, inside…from womb to tomb, tomb to womb and so on…!


Know that you are and will always be a beautiful being of life, light, purest love…always loved, never alone and eternal…!


Let us be aware of our inexhaustible GODLY LOVE within that wholeheartedly, unconditionally and joyfully, we pour to one another and to all, this magic glue binding us into our Splendor of Universal Oneness, Compassion and Peace…!


And let us enjoy the little things in life…for one day we’ll look back and realize they are the big things…!


My dear friends, thank you for this little-big time together…!