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A friend asked me:

Hi Adrian,

Can you elaborate on the spiritual source of the YIN energy.

As well, please explain how the far Eastern philosophy acts as a negative in this equation.

Kabbalah seems to me to be a very deep and sometimes complex system of spiritual understanding. It requires a very high level of intellectual capacity and a lot of time to study(not sure that I am endowed with either.)

Is there a text you recommend for those wanting a simple grounding in Kabbalah. As there is a flood of info out there.


I can only say that Yin and Yang represent only two aspects of reality: respectively positive and negative. No, I did not imply in any way that the Far Eastern philosophy acts as a negative; it acts as a positive and a negative. It is like omitting that the atom has besides its positive charge--the proton and negative one--electron, also, the neutral one--neutron. Kabbalah happens to be a three-prong philosophy that embraces all three aspects, emphasizing the neutral, as the most important. Don't forget that the smaller particle in the atom's nucleus, the quartz, comes also in groups of three, positive negative and neutral. It was presented during our last Founding Mystics meeting in Las Vegas.

You can find many books on Kabbalah just by Googling. But I cannot recommend anyone in particular, except the original volumes written by Rabbi Luria--"HaAri." I happen to have been a student of Kabbalah in some of my previous incarnations. And here and there I remember some...

For instance, one of the most profound secrets I remember, I'll share now with you and the group:

E=mc2, Einstein's formula preexisted in this secret lore. In Hebrew, E (Energy) translates: MN (pronounced MAN; in English is the same as MANNA--Vital Energy. According to Kabbalistic numerology--Geamatria the numerical value of MN is 90 (9+0=9.) M=40; N=50; 40+50=90. m (Matter) translates in Hebrew: HMR (pronounced HOMER) and equals numerically 248 (by the way, this is considered to be the number of the body's organs.) H=8; M=40; R=200; 8+40+200=248. c2 (the square of light’s velocity) translates in Hebrew: AOR (pronounced OR, as A is mute.) Its numerical value is 9; its square is 81 (9x9=81.)

Therefore E=mc2 in Kabbalah is MN=HMR X AOR2; namely 90=248 X 81; 9+0=9; 248 X 81=20,088; 2+0+0+88=90;

9+0=9; In conclusion 9=9. It indicates that the spiritual self—vital force by “materializing,” can create matter—the body; and vice-versa, the matter—body can disintegrate (“de-materialize”) into spiritual self. This explains in a very basic way the life and death of the physical body, back and forth—REINCARNATION. It is very much analogous to the atomic explosions on the Sun. The Sun would have died billions of years back, if not for its repeated “REBIRTH”—“REINCARNATION.” And this applies to all the Universe… Albert Einstein appears to have tapped on this Kabbalistic knowledge deliberately or intuitively. He decided to use the square of 9, rather than 9, because no other single digit number multiplied by itself could make the addition of the resulting number digits equal to itself (for instance: 4 X 4=16; 1+6=7; 4 doesn’t equal 7.) Only 9 can…9 X 9=81; 8+1=9; It appears that due to its uniqueness among all other single digit numbers, constituted the secret clue, for which Einstein correctly thought the square of 9, rather than 9, would fit in its famous formula of relativity.

I hope that by now everything is crystal clear, ha, ha.