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After watching last night Larry King’s program on UFOs, I contemplated on a connection between it, the Tesla Coil, and the content in my previous two last meditative blogs (in, or

I thought to share with you some directly related reflections that I came by also through meditation, and which I published in 1985 in my first book: Your Past Lives and the Healing Process, A Psychiatrist Looks at Reincarnation and Spiritual Healing. They also appear in its 1996 edition, pp. 120-121:

“The universe, including ourselves, is in constant, continuing state of movement; therefore, it is impossible for us to project a beginning or an end to space. This can be acceptable to the conscious mind, but the subconscious is forever attracting itself to the finite. It is for this reason that so many people see life as a final destination rather than a journey, because they permit the subconscious to rule them.

One question that might arise is: Why does God create so many inferior types of energy vibration rather than those equivalent to His/Her own highest vibration? The answer is that there seems to be continuous movement in creating gradients of energy vibration; if this movement were to stop, and all energy vibrations assume those of the nature of God, then God or the universe would disappear. If such a phenomenon could be arranged, at least on a small scale, this would mean finding ourselves somewhere else in the universe, perhaps billions of light-years away from the initial point. By lowering vibrations, we would materialize again and again, become engaged in the continuous movement which is the essence of God’s infinite universe. Perhaps this explains how living creatures from other galaxies, where physical life as we know it on earth is conceivable, may appear in our skies as UFOs by raising their spaceship’s and their own vibrations temporarily. Tungsten Carbide, which was discovered by two Sweeds in the 1950’s, close to the UFOs they claim to have witnessed, was analyzed and found not to be comparable to any mineral on earth.

It is interesting to speculate if these Tungsten Carbide crystals are so constituted that through contraction and dilation the level of energy vibration of the spaceship is increased or decreased, thereby overcoming certain lines of magnetism in the universe. Might not this result in projecting the spaceship, possibly billions of light-years away, to a place in the universe suitable to the decreased energy vibration to which the spaceship must return in order to abide by the Law of Continuous Movement? Perhaps this explains why UFOs are reported as appearing and disappearing so quickly. In other words, are they decreasing and then increasing their energy vibration? It would appear so.

As an immediate extension of God, man is empowered over all creation—but he does not know it. Knowing is better than believing, however, knowing takes place at the level of the conscious mind. Everything in the universe is an extension of God, from the lowest to the highest form of energy vibration, and every form of energy vibration has the potential to join the highest. After achieving this, man must return to the initial level or another entity will go to that lower energy vibration to preserve an adequate gradient of energy; therefore, we have the Universal Law of Continuous Movement, expansion and contraction, which is the essence of existence in God’s infinite universe.”

Dear friends, thank you for reading…

Remaining questions in view of the above reflections, are as following:

How to create something out of nothing and nothing out of something by using NEUTRAL or otherwise?

What are some practical healing applications in using NEUTRAL—Neutron (Nothing) Medicine?

Can we brainstorm on these questions?

I welcome you to such a “Project Manhattan” brainstorming…

Love and best to you…