By Love Reclaimed: Jean Harlow Returns to Clear Her Husband's Name
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VOTE "YES" for proposition 37! We want to know if the food we eat is genetically engineered and what possible poisons it contains before we eat it. This is our right, to see on food labels the contents. I'm an M.D. and I join the majority of doctors that approve this proposition. Organic food is generally the safest to eat. If there is more public demand for it, it will be produced more and at a reduced price.


Genetically Modified Foods: Are They Safe? Pt 1 | The Dr. Oz Show

Dr. Oz hosts a debate about genetically modified foods. Do they cause cancer? Are there benefits to going GMO-free? Hear from both sides of this controversial issue. Plus, Dr. Oz explains how genetically modified food is made. View Part 2 of Genetically Modified Foods: Are They Safe? Watch Dr. Oz!