By Love Reclaimed: Jean Harlow Returns to Clear Her Husband's Name
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Hi Everyone,

YOU’RE LOVED! Have you asked yourself: What’s my life purpose? Let it come from the heart, as it speaks the truth! Once you accept your life purpose and go for it with all your being, joy, happiness and total fulfillment will result. That is when we achieve.

In this troubled world of ours we struggle and stumble on self-created obstacles in search for answers to so many apparently moot questions. When we let go of the heartfelt emotions that lead us to understanding the problem, at least temporarily, the answers are within reach. Let’s grab them!

Whether we uncover a present or past-life problem, the game of physical life is the same…

But detaching ourselves from the diagnosing emotions, by ascending to our spirit, brings us to appropriate therapeutic answers for ourselves and others.

We’re all one in the highest of spirit, while the spirit loses its purity in its continuum with our physical bodies and the world. A great deal of negative memories have filled our perfect void of pure spirit, over lifetimes. All this junk—negative memories, blocks, barriers, obstacles, false beliefs, principles, habits and ego pride, hold us down from being free—void aka perfect again.

We need to practice daily and hourly, like Masters, identifying and letting go of this negativity and thus re-experience the BLISSFUL VOID OF PERFECTION. We’re made in the image and likeness of this Superlative—GOD, and HAVE THE CHOICE. We deserve and have the right to exercise this choice. Then perhaps we’ll live in a better world—a world of God’s Love, Light, Healing, Peace and Joy.

With Highest and Warmest Blessings,