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Who is right? It reminds me the highly acclaimed film, Fiddler on the Roof: One day in a crowded local market, a man inquired of the Russian village wise man, Tevie, if he is right, not talking with his neighbor. He explained that he sold his neighbor a horse, bargain price. Yet, the neighbor shows his ingratitude by constantly cursing him and his family. That is why the man refuses to dignify his neighbor any longer by talking with him. Again he asked Tevie: “Am I right not to talk with him anymore?” Tevie replied: “You’re right!” But the neighbor overheard the discussion and said: “Tevie, he is not telling you the whole truth. Yes, he sold me the horse, but an old one, without teeth that may die any day. That’s why I’m so indignant. Am I right to be upset? Tevie replied: “You are right!” Then, a third man overhearing the discussion said: “Tevie, they cannot both be right. And Tevie replied: “You know what? You’re right!”

I was lately meditating on “Just,” “Holly” and “Unjust” wars… It occurred to me that it is in the human nature to truncate the truth, diminishing its inconvenient parts, while reveling its advantageous ones… And we’re all human, aren’t we? Are we good, or bad?

And for that matter, is there a God for each group of people and for each individual, that would praise its behavior, when good, or excuse it when bad? Moreover, as it appears what’s above is below, is there a good God and a bad One, reflected as such into its creatures? How about Karma? Is it a fair game, God gave us His/Her children, to play with? Is it like giving young kids matches to play with fire, get burned and learn the lesson not to play any longer with it, instead choosing to play with Dharma?

Isn’t the main objective in exploring our past lives to inform us about our mistakes and not repeat them, in the present?

Einstein and lay people alike are asking the question: How God thinks? And I’m not an exception, I ask the same question…

In the early 1990’s I was writing a book titled: A Psychiatrist Search For God, Back to God…Finding Joy in Divine Union…It was published in 1996, and it was a sequel of my search for life meaning, which I published in my first book, in January, 1985, titled: Your Past Lives and the Healing Process, A Psychiatrist Looks at Reincarnation and Spiritual Healing…

In A Psychiatrist’s Search for God… Chapter XIX: Celebrating Nothing-Final Conclusions… I meditated again on “HOW GOD THINKS?”

I came up with the following:

In the universe, there is a law of continuous movement involving expansion and contraction, which occurred to me during my meditations in the early 1980’s prior to publishing my first book. It is the law of expansion and contraction that was defined by scientists in learning how galaxies form out of black holes, of nothing, expanding and self-destructing through explosions like in the Big Bang. Explosion brings about contraction. Take for instance, a balloon. The bigger it gets by inflating it, the weaker it becomes, till finally it bursts or contracts. There is a certain critical mass that brings about this change, and that applies in all creation.

Take for instance, the cell that we start from in this physical world in mother’s womb, which multiplies into a fetal body, then into a baby, child, adult, old person; then as the cells degenerate, form cancer or atherosclerosis or the like, the body self-destructs. Eventually it contracts. This can be seen in the famous Egyptian mummies. If there is no mummification, contraction continues toward nothingness. The body decomposes. Bones remain for a longer time, as they are part of the earth. They will disintegrate when the earth itself disintegrates in the universal process of expansion and contraction.

Biceps muscle is weaker when it is expanded; however, it is stronger when it is contracted and appears smaller. There is nothingness. Cycles in nature are marked by expansion and contraction. Vegetation grows through the seasons, in other words, through expansion to the critical mass, self-destruction and then regeneration the following spring through cyclicity that explains the biorhythm, the cycle of rebirth and story of the Phoenix bird that revives out of its own ashes.

This is what I started researching some seventeen years ago, the question of life and death. Life is expansion, death is contraction. We come so many times to this schooling ground which is our physical existence, overseeing the creation of the Almighty again, in order to dream creatively and to make our dream beautiful and good as God meant it, because every time God created something He/She said, “…and it was good!”

We spiral in our expansion/contraction, so to speak, advancing toward nothingness through many lifetimes to learn the lesson. Expansion is infinity, which would be the extreme weakness, while contraction means nothingness, zero, God, which means the most awesome power.

We are made in God’s image, in the image of nothing…For practical reasons we should think about ourselves that we are nothing. In thinking so, we are again with God; awesome power flows through us and compels the creative dreaming in our physical existence by putting things back together again, including our health, no matter how disorganized it is, how much the initial beautiful dream degenerated into a nightmare.

Our heart is a prototype of what expansion and contraction mean. God has created everything in such a way for us to be able to understand when the time comes. The contracted heart represents more power than the distended one. This is when the tissues are getting life through oxygen and nutrition. The contracted heart is smaller than the extended one. Smallness, humbleness, nothingness! Think about this! That is the power of God. It is the power to which we should bring ourselves, because we belong there, as God decreed. Through that power order is made again in our physical lives, as we take our abandoned posts of the gardener in the Garden of Eden and get rid of the ego, individual, collective, national, international, universal, because the ego is the culprit of all our problems. It is like a balloon. The bigger it gets, the weaker it becomes, the more defenses and laws and police are necessary to protect it, because the weaker it gets, the more fearful it becomes, the more paranoid, the more mistrusting, more mental health professionals are needed, and the more, paradoxically, things are getting out of hand….

Meditation led me to reflect that anger and negative feelings in general are expression of expansion. When we say somebody is angry, that they “explode” with anger, we refer to the understanding that negative feelings, negativity, are expansion. This brings a weakening of the ego, which in turn needs defenses to prop it, and after a while the defenses become more handicapping than the weakness itself. Likewise, laws meant to protect our ego-balloon end up intruding into one’s personal freedom. Interestingly so, positive thinking, relaxation and a serene feeling are expressions of contraction that brings us, in turn, to the sense of nothingness, to that stillness, rest and peace. Analysis corresponds to expansion; synthesis corresponds to contraction…

As I understand it up to now, illness, depression, wars, are expansion. Health, peace, freedom are contraction. Waking state is expansion. Sleep and dreams are contraction. Spring is expansion. Winter is contraction. Life is expansion. Death is contraction. Examples are numerous, but the principle is the same.

The tendency for big confederations is to grow, and when they reach the critical mass, they disintegrate. That is why civilizations perish and empires collapse. Their critical mass was reached. One timely example is of the Soviet Union that separated into smaller states. The bigger the weaker, the smaller the stronger.

The time has come for us to realize we have to return to basics in order to prevent that critical mass of bigness to be reached, culminating in explosion, holocaust, Armageddon.

That is why God gave us dominion, control, over all creation. The time has come in this dawning of the age of Aquarius to do exactly that which we did not do before. That is to perceive the degree of expansion just prior to explosion, close to the limit, to the twelfth hour, as we have been accustomed to hear due to the threat of nuclear holocaust when the earth will explode like a bomb through expansion, be it in the form of earthquakes or riots. Separation, which is another form of expansion rather than union, will occur and ultimately promote unification. The unifying theory Einstein looked for means contraction. Discrimination between men is expansion. Contraction is loving thy neighbor as yourself. Contraction is loving yourself, loving your neighbor and loving God above all. Floods and fires are also examples of expansion. Martin Luther King’s dream was one of contraction, of loving each other, of being equal in the face of God, as God created us in the first place.

As a psychiatrist, I view psychosis, characterized by isolation and separation, as a form of expansion. That is opposed to unification, being social, being loving, smiling and saying a good word, which is contraction. There are practical applications to this in therapy. Clients who can understand may be told about this universal law, this truth, and may apply it practically towards contraction, towards smallness, humbleness, love, peace, harmony, towards that unification over which God reigns supreme. In psychosis, such as schizophrenia, the aura of the individual is overexpanded, overstreched so to speak; this could apply to a group of people or a society as a whole (“a schizophrenic society”). That enables other spirits, entities of a negative nature or other negativity, to violate the territorial integrity of this weakened aura and weaken it further until it bursts into a “nervous breakdown.” In this process, parts of one’s aura-consciousness are displaced and ejected far away from the individual or group. That is why some shamanic healing practices not only release the invading entities or spirits or negativity from one’s aura, but also retrieve its displaced part, putting the aura together again (Humpty-Dumpty together again.) This is a form of contraction; this is healing.

PETT III scan of the schizophrenic brain shows a separation of the two hemispheres of the brain through the contrast substance; this separation is much lesser in manic-depressives (bipolar) and there is no such separation in the normal brain…

Very interesting, and confirming expansion/contraction! That is, it confirms HOW GOD THINKS…when it comes to spirit’s physical manifestation…

Only the pure spirit of God does not go by this law. It is always constant and immortal, it is OUR ESSENCE…that fathoms a corresponding body manifestation from one incarnation to another…

In order to improve our physical experience and that of others, we need to become consciously aware of the TIDE between physical expansion and contraction, creation and destruction and ride it as long as possible…

Love to all,