By Love Reclaimed: Jean Harlow Returns to Clear Her Husband's Name
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Adrian Finkelstein, MD, author of Marilyn Monroe Returns, has written his new book, co-authored with Valerie Franich, MEd:

By Love Reclaimed: Jean Harlow Returns to Clear Her Husband’s Name

Released on July 9, 2012 by iUniverse, a division of the Pinguin Group publishing, this new book: By Love Reclaimed is the result of a four-year comprehensive research by the authors, Adrian Finkelstein and Valerie Franich into the lives and legacies of actress Jean Harlow and her husband, Paul Bern, and their real story rather than the scripted one by the MGM’s cover-up, that was interested in salvaging its turf rather than the truth.

On July 2, 1932, after a three-year secret love affair, MGM producer and notorious nice guy Paul Bern marries screen icon Jean Harlow. Two months later, he is found shot to death in their Benedict Canyon home.

Through the use of hypnotic regressions and extensive research, Franich and Finkelstein offer a glimpse into the life of the young ingénue as she makes her way in Hollywood, falls in love with the older Bern, and becomes the innocent prey of MGM boss Louis Mayer who fixed the evidence to make her beloved husband’s death look like a suicide.

The authors go on to uncover the real story of love, crime and mystery of these two very good people, Jean Harlow and Paul Bern, from the Golden Age of Hollywood, that was misrepresented by the MGM’s boss L.B. Mayer’s scripted Hollywood lore. From his reputation as “the nicest guy in Hollywood,” Paul Bern was tarnished to appear as an “evil, impotent wife-beater” who committed suicide.

Jean Harlow never went along with this story.

Whether, coming back from the 1930’s, beyond the grave, as possible reincarnates of Harlow and Bern, channeling them, intuitively, analytically, or all of the above, Finkelstein, a renown psychiatrist, joining Franich, an intuitive teacher, reveal to the reader a heartwarming story of increasing suspense with a happy ending, proving that good wins over evil and love is immortal.

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Contact information: Adrian Finkelstein, MD: 310-918-7413,; Valerie Franich, MEd: 360-532-2572 or 425-444-2592,