By Love Reclaimed: Jean Harlow Returns to Clear Her Husband's Name
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It’s been another Labor Day. I hope you enjoyed it.

So many problems constantly occur all over the world. Some are worse than others. There are famine, disease, poverty, premature death, wars and killings. So many people, animals, vegetation and the environment are not safe, or outright abused and destroyed by ignorance. And we’re into concurring the outer space. George Carlin is right. We must concur first the inner space.

That’s why a kernel of light is so refreshing, like the Labor Day. Sometimes, in order to survive, we need to cherish our best memories forever.

There are some who see the world improving by concurring it through outer struggle and fight. Others comprehend it by inner conquest through self awareness and letting go of all above negativity. I sense that both practices are necessary at a given time, such as the one we’re presently experiencing.

However, I opt for “concurring the inner space,” as the first priority.

Holistic education of the masses is imperative. Discarding former false beliefs, especially the ones which separate us as people and focusing on what unites us, leads to the invincible ONENESS that we are. It leads to us realizing that THE HIGHER POWER and us, who are masterminded by IT, came out of VOID, which is perfect and sublime.

Through this realization and practicing this awareness daily and hourly, like the Masters, we can rid ourselves of all the junk accumulated over many lifetimes (reincarnations)—bias, prejudice, false beliefs, false pride and ego. They are the origin of fear. And fear is the origin of anger to others and self, which degenerates in lack of REAL self-confidence and self-worth, envy, jealousy, hatred, violence and killings.

This New Age awareness is currently spreading in geometrical proportion, approaching the critical mass. It was so beautifully prophesized by Isaiah:

“They shall turn swords into plowshares and not learn war anymore…”

Love, Light and Peace,