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It's Too Good To Be True!

IT’S TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! Unfortunately, this is a societal-cultural affirmation, especially in the western world, which automatically precludes any thing more than ordinary to be true. Thus, extraordinary things which happen to be true are automatically brushed away as “hog wash,” “cunning,” “self-interest serving,” “looking for money and/or fame,” and the name-calling may become even much nastier.

Marilyn Monroe’s reincarnation in the person of the young top-of-the-charts Scottish-Canadian pop singer, Sherrie Lea Laird, sadly fits into this societal-cultural mold.

In order for the highly acclaimed MARILYN MONROE RETURNS: THE HEALING OF A SOUL—the book documenting this remarkable and unparalleled story of the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe, by major national and international media and TV networks, to get also accepted by the large public, one has to have the courage in due time, to relinquish the above false belief, and give this book a chance, first, by reading it. After reading this book, it is certain one would wholeheartedly recommend it to relatives and friends to read it too.

In this manner Los Angeles Times statement that this book “is reminiscent of the 1956 bestseller The Search for Bridey Murphy,” will get the well deserved public attention.

After all, starting June 10, 2007, MARILYN MONROE RETURNS: THE HEALING OF A SOUL, was newly released in paperback by Hampton Roads Publishing Company, and by this time, around the 45th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s death, August 5, 2007, it can be found or ordered through the publishing company, Borders bookstores, Barnes & Noble, other bookstores and