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Dear Friends,

Just sharing with you some of my research findings on the probable reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe, and especially my idea that began in 2005, to use iris recognition, in order to identify an individual in a past lifetime and the current one, as being one and the same, as in both his/her past and present life the iris recognition test result is statistically identical. Lately, the film released in 2014: "I ORIGINS," used my same idea.

Following is one of my old blogs about this intriguing and fascinating account.

Love and Light,


Dear Friends,

I thought to update you regarding the status of the scientific proof for reincarnation, as part of our overall peace project, in which Wilja Witcombe, Paul Von Ward and myself have lately been actively engaged.

It is about a conjoint venture we have initiated with two Indian top-notch eye specialists, Dr. Badrinath and Dr. Gopal, heading the internationally renown eye center in Chennai, India, Sankara Nethralaya, in proving reincarnation scientifically, through iris recognition.

Chennai, often called the medical capital of India, derives this distinction largely from the services provided by a number of charitable institutions. Sankara Nethralaya, the renowned eye-care centre, is one such. In the words of President K.R. Narayanan, it "is a wonderful example of social responsibility of private sector medical care".

Just acquainting you with my beginnings regarding iris recognition, as a scientific tool to demonstrate compelling and statistically valid similarities between the iris of an individual and her/his iris in a past life, during my research/healing work with Sherrie Lea Laird, most probably, Marilyn Monroe reincarnated, I’ll briefly quote about its history, as it appears in both my book and its unedited manuscript:


By Adrian Finkelstein, M.D.

It was June 08, 2005, 9:35 PM when I wrote to Sherrie Lea Laird, the probable reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe, the following e-mail, which appears in the initial manuscript of my book: Marilyn Monroe Returns: The Healing of a Soul, under Chapter 29, The Higher Power Reveals Biggest Secret Yet :


Dear Sher,

Thank you for your e-mails! They are very revealing. They make such logical sense that you are M and you are S in one person. You remember a few days ago, in one of my e-mails, I mentioned to you that while waking up in the morning, before being completely awake, like in a twilight state, I get from God this sudden awareness, this clear message in a fraction of a second: FINGERPRINTS!!! HANDS!!! Then I wake up and in succession I get: EYES, IRIS RECOGNITION!!! Then: VOICE RECOGNITION!!! Immediately, I get the Hebrew Kabbalistic confirmation:

In Hebrew numerology called Geamatria Ketanah,

FINGER=163; 1+6+3=10; 1+0=1

HAND=14; 1+4=5 TWO HANDS=5x2=10;


EYES=190; 1+9+0=10; 1+0=1

VOICE=136; 1+3+6=10; 1+0=1

(FACE=190; 1+9+0=10; 1+0=1.

This revelation I got later on. Also, amazingly so, the numerical sum of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet=1.)

1 (ONE) indicates the ONENESS of all with the ONE CREATOR, WHO NEVER DIES. It made me understand that because BODY=SPIRIT MANIFEST, SPIRIT’S CHARACTERISTICS are unique, superseding those of the genes and parents’ DNA. That is why a child’s fingerprint, hands, iris, face, voice, are different from the parents and unique to the individual soul (or energetic being) throughout reincarnation cycles, never to change, A CONSTANT. It seems many other expressions of the individual energetic being exist in the flesh and bone, besides the ones described. Though the body parts listed above are the best PROOF. If this hypothesis is correct, this is a tremendous breakthrough in criminology, as well. Imagine OJ SIMPSON’S WIFE who reincarnated in “a hurry,” in twenty years from now, testifying about who was her murderer!

I devised and copyrighted the above, a few days after, especially for the Iris Recognition in reincarnation matches which constituted “THE BIG SECRET:”


In the final galley of my book, on page 164, I wrote: “…The same thing happened with PPL-IRCT. After weeks of searching for an expert [in the US], a professor from a university computer science department allowed one of her students to perform the test. They used inadequate pictures of Marilyn and Sherrie, giving a negative result [imposter response]. When I obtained better iris pictures, the professor asked who the subjects were. Upon hearing that I was working on a reincarnation study of Marilyn Monroe, she refused to let her student redo the test. She further insisted that her university’s name [and her name] not to be used in this book. By this time I realized that my scientific inquiry would be more difficult than expected, since I couldn’t get the needed cooperation from experts due to my subject matter.”