By Love Reclaimed: Jean Harlow Returns to Clear Her Husband's Name
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IMPROVLIFETIMES… We’re actors and actresses on the stage of life…in our multiple lifetimes—reincarnations…in order to learn the TRUTH…THUS, REACH THE HIGHEST VIBRATION… It turns out that what we take for granted as hard facts of life—“TRUTH,” are merely our sole improvisations, and we cannot credit, or discredit them to others… Thus, the proverbial Freud’s prescription for happiness: “work and love,” turns out to be only our improvisations… Negativity, such as ego-centricity, selfishness, narcissism, anger, rage, discrimination, exploitation and contempt of others, hatred, fights, wars, violence and killings, are merely our improv… Positivity, such as Freedom, Love, Wisdom, Justice, Peace, Joy and Oneness in the Universe, and being VOID—PURE, one with God’s Void, where we have come from, are also our improv… The God-given FREE CHOICE remains ours… Yes, Real Love and God are not improvisations…Real Love is without conditions or limitations, it is Divine Love… Also, God Within and Everywhere, the highest in energy vibration, is the initiator of this Real Love, which is the highest in energy vibration after God… Meditation is the conduit…taking time and meditating on these improves appears one of the best tools for quest… Fruit for thought… Much Love and Light, Adrian