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The following is my reply to a nice fellow who wrote to me about his indecision to undergo past-life regression, following some of his research in this subject:

Dear Mr. Jones,

How are you? Of course, I respect your decision and no need for any discomfort. I learned from my teachers, early in my medical training, in this lifetime, what I’ve already known over lifetimes as a healer. Namely, I have been aware that in the process of making a diagnosis, we have to accept that whatever occurs with the highest frequency, is the most frequent. Thus, before a surgical procedure, the patient may give his informed consent, after the doctor discusses with him/her and/or presents him/her in writing with and about all the possible adverse effects, which naturally include the gloomiest ones, even death. But those unfortunate outcomes occur so rarely, that at least statistically speaking, they are extremely improbable, or practically don’t happen, at all.

In my experience as a spiritual physician, I might add that FAITH is added in the equation—FAITH IN GOD WITHIN AND EVERYWHERE, THAT RENDERS US ONE. The faith makes for the absolute sublime outcome. And faith is not belief without truth, but trust without reservation.

Research is very important. But we need it in order to have our eyes open and see possible specific negativity, which could make us falter in our quest for truth. But only truth sets us free. Therefore, acknowledging this fact, we DETACH ourselves from such negativity and ATACH ourselves to FAITH in THE HIGHER POWER THAT WORKS WITHIN US ALWAYS.

In this physical world of ours there is no absolute guarantee for anything, nothing is complete. Here everything is relative, as Einstein so beautifully demonstrated. Only when we add faith to incompleteness, it becomes completeness, and we really and lastingly achieve.

I did not get a chance to explain to you further the questions and answers regarding hypnosis and the rules of time travel—past-life regression exploration.

Hypnosis, as I teach it to my patients and doctors in training at UCLA, is safe the way it should be practiced, and merely a form of deep meditation, enabling one to retrieve memories, emotions and experiences from the present, inter- and past-lives. There is an agreement between the hypnotist and the subject, in which like in any agreement there are two parties. The hypnotist’s part is to deliver assistance out of his training and experience, as well as after taking a history from the subject, according the subject’s needs, assets and unknowns. The subject’s part is to help the hypnotist—i.e. to follow his suggestions meant to help him/her. Without that help from the subject, the hypnotist cannot help. This professional hypnosis, does not weaken the subject’s will power or self-control, but on the contrary strengthens them. The subject has the right to veto any suggestions, if they are not in line with his/her beliefs and ethics, and snap out of the hypnotic trance, and leave at will. But in more than 30 years, practicing hypnosis with literally thousands of people, no one has done that to me, as I told them in my guiding suggestions, what they wanted to hear in the first place. Also, I always cancel any following potential side-effects inherent with hypnosis, making it completely safe. I do teach people self-hypnosis as well. This way, they will not need me if longer work is needed to achieve their stated goals.

Some rules of time travel:

1. Allow impressions to freely flow in from your five senses (sight, sound, smell, touch, taste), feelings, thoughts, inner intuitions, physical sensations, or a combination of those.

2. It is imperative to trust yourself completely, including your first impressions or gut feeling. They are generally on point, leading you where you need to go in your quest.

3. During this described process, withhold any critique, analysis and judgment. If they come your way, gently permit them to guide you deeper into your meditative state. As you let go, come back to your inner place of safety, serenity and peace. Let your heart speak, as it speaks the truth, while your brain rests and/or follows your heart.

4. In this passive state "compose" your past life as if it were fiction. In other words, allow the above spontaneous experience to unfold as a motion picture, in which you are fully involved as the main protagonist. In this process, detach yourself from any preconceived outcome. Fully accept whatever comes or doesn’t come in your experience. In this non-committal manner, most probably meaningful past-life experience will be re-lived, sooner or later.

5. Should you feel uncomfortable, you always have the option to step back, or float away and watch the experience at a distance, as a spectator. Through self-hypnosis/meditation, following the initiation, training and experiencing past-life regression discoveries with the assistance of the regressionist, the subject will be surprised and amazed by ten-fold or more details obtained during meditation on them, on his/her own, daily and in a safe place.

I conclude, by wishing you and your family success in your quest. There is no time in the Universe, as you know.

Love and Light,