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DEAR FRIENDS, ASTROLOGY/GENETICS MAY EXPLAIN MOST OF OUR LIFE EXPERIENCE… I say “most” of our life experience and not “all,” could be explained through Astrology/Genetics, because we have always the God-given free choice to alter, change, bring about gene mutations, over a short, or more extended period of time. The time frame is our free choice too, so is the place where we are born, the parents we pick, etc.… It seems everything in this Universe is cyclic, in order to maintain balance… For instance, from the Babylonians who lived in the Age of Aries, 3,000 BC, to the Greeks who lived in the Age of Pisces, 600 BC, is an interval of 2,400 years… We entered the Age of Aquarius, probably following a similar interval of time…It is not clear at this time if there is an exact number of years between these Ages…My take is that there is not an exact number, as we, humankind have the Divine Free Choice to alter our experience, usually in a more positive way… But, the most striking, appears to be the COUNTERCLOCKWISE movement: Aries…Pisces…Aquarius… By the same token, I’ve noticed through my own empirical research on reincarnation, over a span of more than three decades, with over 4,000 cases, that an individual moves also in a counterclockwise fashion through zodiacal signs…for the purpose of acquiring different life experiences. The reader may recall that I referred in one of my previous blogs to astrological changes being translated into genetic mutations in the individual; what’s above is below… However, genetic mutations seem to take a given amount of time, usually an extended period of time, in our worldly terms… I’ve also observed over my long inquiry into this matter, that if a person did not complete a full lifetime cycle, and died relatively young, like Marilyn Monroe, at age 36, she/he generally reincarnates in the same North Moon Node. If a full lifetime passed, before death, in the next lifetime, the person tends to usually reincarnate into the opposite North Moon Node (180 degrees opposite,) like in the case of Marilyn Monroe’s mother, Gladys Baker, born in 1902, North Moon Node of Scorpio, and dead on March 11, 1983. In this lifetime, Gladys reincarnated as Kezia Laird, Sherrie Lea Laird’s daughter, born on December 11, 1984, which coincides with the North Moon Node of Taurus, 180 degrees opposite to that of Scorpio… Sherrie Lea Laird was born in the North Moon Node of Cancer, on July 11, 1963; in her lifetime as Marilyn Monroe, she was born also in the North Moon Node of Cancer, on June 1, 1926, apparently because of her death at the premature age of 36. However, in her lifetime as Louise de la Valliere, she was born in the North Moon Node of Virgo, on August 6, 1644…and lived a full life. She died on June 6, 1710… Notice that it took 281 years, an extended period of time, to progress in a counterclockwise fashion, from the North Moon Node of Virgo to that of Cancer… Presumably, she lived at least one lifetime in between Virgo and Cancer, in the North Moon Node of Leo…Thus, counterclockwise movement: Virgo…Leo…Cancer… We may infer that during 11+ months from Marilyn Monroe’s death, August 4, 1962 to her reincarnation in the person of Sherrie Lea Laird, July 11, 1963, there was not an enough extended period of time for the North Moon Node of Cancer to change into the next, in counterclockwise movement, i.e. that of Gemini…Nor enough gene mutations… That would explain no major gene mutations (which would correspond to a lack of major astrological changes, “mutations,” thus, resulting in the striking biometric (physical) and personality similarities between Sherrie and Marilyn…And that would explain a few discrepancies between Marilyn and Sherrie on one hand, and Louise de la Valliere on the other… Another example “close to home,” is mine… In one of my previous lives in France, as Antoine Daquin, I was born on November 20, 1620, in the North Moon Node of Sagittarius, and I lived a full life, until May 17, 1696. Thus, in two following consecutive lifetimes, I was born as Aaron in Norway, on October 25, 1815 and in Russia, as Peter, in 1871, both lifetimes in the North Moon Node of Gemini, 180 degrees opposite to that of Sagittarius. As Aaron, in the experience of North Moon Node of Gemini, I died relatively young, in my early forties… I was a daring sailor, looking for gold to bring back to my sweetheart…And I drowned, as our ship went down during a storm in the North Sea…That would probably explain my next reincarnation as Peter, in the same North Moon Node of Gemini, in order to continue my interrupted life experience where I left it, due to my premature death… In my lifetime as Peter, I also died relatively young, at the age of 34, being shot, as I was a Jew and a Bolshevik. It was 1904…in Tzarist Russia… It appears that in two cumulative lives, thus put together, 40+ years as Aaron, plus 34 years as Peter, making 74+, like a full lifetime, I could move counterclockwise, from my past-life experience as Antoine Daquin, in the North Moon Node of Sagittarius into that of Scorpio… And similar examples in my research abound… Just fruit for thought… LOVE AND GOD-GIVEN FREE CHOICE ALWAYS, Adrian