By Love Reclaimed: Jean Harlow Returns to Clear Her Husband's Name
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It is rather late at night…I’ve done my best for the book, Marilyn Monroe Returns: The Healing of a Soul and its message…and I’ll continue to do…The rest is in the hands of God to save it from the devil’s hands…

I’m looking forward to receive a statement about the book sales status from Hampton Roads Publishing Company. Their policy is to release only two statements per year, in Spring and Fall. Thus, my recent attempt before the end of 2007 to get such a statement up-to-date, did not get any response from HRPC.

The latest statement I received, is from Fall, 2007, which shows more than 8,000.00 USD in red, that I and Sherrie Lea Laird owe to the publishing company, for extra publicity expenditures on the book, they claim to have incurred.

However, I’m hopeful, with God’s help that the book will sell big and it’s humanitarian message will travel the world over when the time is right…

Accurate psychic perception of the above reality would spare many people a lot of anguish which is based merely on false assumptions, rather than the facts on the ground.

One of my blog commentators wrote:


The Book

Hi Adrian,
Your book tells the truth of Reincarnation. And I have come to believe in this spiritual truth in spite of my fundamental background, and I am a hard case. If your book can do that for me, I am sure there are lots of folks it is helping out there. It is an undeniable truth. There is perhaps a silent majority out in the world somewhere, that this book changed their life too. For all the false rumors that are spread, many will not say a word, but they recognize what your work is doing, for humanity.
Kudos for you, this is a wonderful book.


Dear friends, I thought the above clarification is timely, responding to a few inquiries I recently received, concerning this matter.

Best wishes to all,