By Love Reclaimed: Jean Harlow Returns to Clear Her Husband's Name
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We humans struggle intra-personally and inter-personally through wars and peace in our so-called “dreams” and “realities.” Notice that wars are plural, while peace is singular. Wars divide… peace unites…

Letting go of wars and soaring to peace and achieving it, is reaching “the unreachable star”…

But remember, you people have it in you to outshine every star…Thus, you are the superstar… You are within your own reach…

Many may say: “Hey Dr. Finkelstein, in your blog you’re talking nice talk, about La La Land. But we live in the real world out there”… There will always be wars. Talk is cheap, even when well intended. Practically, we must fight for peace.”…

My answer is simple: “The real world is here! Take it from here over there, and practice it wholeheartedly, daily and hourly…and you’ll achieve…we’ll achieve, as through peace we are that singular ONE…through that superstar—THE HIGHER POWER WITHIN AND EVERYWHERE…

And now, on a more “down-to-earth” note, LOL, I need some volunteers during the last week of November, for a possible Reality TV Series to be aired on a Major National TV Network, on Validating Reincarnation and possibly its Healing and Unifying Power.

In this Realty TV Series, I will facilitate regression on volunteers under hypnosis to a former lifetime, in order to trace their main present life conflict, with potential positive therapeutic results.

Following my live demonstrations on camera, independently, and unbeknownst to him, a famous psychic trance-channeler may confirm same findings.

Producer: Freedom Development, LLC

Location: Los Angeles

Shooting: November 26th through 30th, up to eight hours daily.

Those interested to participate in an audition for possible selection to appear on this proposed TV Series, please contact my office at: 310-457-3609, fax to: 310-457-3790 or e-mail to:

The audition must be scheduled asap, prior to Nov. 26th.