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Just keeping you posted about the results of my meeting on January 10, 2009, with Ahtun-Re, channeled by the famed Kevin Ryerson, long-time psychic to Shirley MacLaine.




Ahtun-Re confirmed that my old friend, Dave is the reincarnation of the famous scientist and discoverer, Nikola Tesla. Following is a very revealing clip about him and his legacy in our world:

As you may know, the notoriously accurate ancient Egyptian Spirit, Ahtun-Re confirmed almost three years ago, my scientific work spanning close to eight years, proving that Sherrie Lea Laird the linear and only reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe. This revelation appears in my book: Marilyn Monroe Returns: The Healing of a Soul, featured by main media and major TV networks all over the world…(   


On January 10, 2009, Ahtun confirmed to me that Valerie Franich is the reincarnation of Jean Harlow, and not Christina Aguilar. He confirmed that Rachelle Striklin is the reincarnation of Carol Lombard, and that Mabel Normand’s reincarnation, Patti, will feel safe to come forward too, once Valerie and Rachelle are in the public eye, as they were contemporary and knew each other.

Moreover, Ahtun confirmed that my old friends, Dave and his wife Donna are respectively the reincarnations of the famous scientist and discoverer, Nikola Tesla and the famous French Painter, Marie Elizabeth Louise Vigee, Main Painter to Marie Antoinette; also, my old friend Leslie is indeed the one split reincarnation of two, of Marie Antoinette, who retained her main characteristics.

Ahtun verified that my friends, Robert and Margarida are respectively the reincarnations of King Louis XIV and Princess Henriette Ann of England.

Also, Ahtun confirmed that my oldest daughter, Doris, is the reincarnation of Constantia, daughter to Emperor Constantine the Great and granddaughter of Empress Helena.


Ahtun reconfirmed my many reincarnations as a physician and healer, over thousands of years, including as the Principal Physician to King LouisXIV and Emperor Constantine the Great, Empress Helena and Princess Constantia. Also, he stated that he and I were friends and colleagues, as healing priests, during Akhenaton. I did not ask Ahtun this time specifically, about each one of my past lives, as time did not allow. I first wished to get the answers for the others. However, Ahtun pointed out that my reincarnation journey over lifetimes is “extremely fascinating,”“amazing,” and invited me for another session.

I asked Ahtun-Re: “How am I a healer and how do I heal?” He replied: “It is not so much what you say and do, but your mere presence has a healing effect on people around you.” It is interesting, because about 30 years ago a female spirit appeared to me. She smiled lovingly and held my hand. And I could feel the warmth of her hand holding mine. She reassured me, as I felt lost at the time, by saying: “Don’t worry, I’ll save your ducks…” I understood that moment, she meant that she cleared my emotional block, enabling me to cleave to God within and everywhere, and from then on whoever would connect to me will eventually be “saved,” “healed.” Certainly, I understand and am deeply humbled to be one of the many channels through which God heals…GOD IS THE HEALER…


For those interested there will be a follow-up to this announcement, presenting in more detail my scientific confirming findings on the above reincarnations, including the closest indirect DNA proof, through the FBI-like Facial Grid Recognition Matches…


Well, that’s all for now. Love and Light, Adrian