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To sum it up, Geraldo Rivera’s interview with us, Sherrie and me, the other night on Fox News, was “cute” as…Marilyn put it…A video clip link to that live interview will be soon available on this web page separate and as a combo with CNN, MSNBC, Japanese TV and BBC video clip.

Otherwise, I got a lot of feedback from viewers, that as a result of our appearance, countless numbers of minds in the world opened to the idea of the truth of reincarnation and its healing and unifying power in our troubled world. It is so exciting! Thank God!

Thank you again for viewing Geraldo at Large with Sherrie and me and receiving our message of healing through past-life regression therapy and spiritual healing, when other therapies fail, or work only partly or temporary!

And the greater-than-us-all message in my book: Marilyn Monroe Returns: The Healing of a Soul, is that the underlying theme of my work as a scientist (M.D., psychiatrist,) with Sherrie, and prior to her with more than four thousands individual cases, over three decades, on proving the reincarnation and its freeing and thus healing power, is its truth and what it means to our suffering world.

We have each of us walked in the shoes of people of every race, nationality, creed, and gender—rich and poor, the abuser and the abused—as we evolve our souls to the point that we realize that there is only one life, God’s life, and that we only kill, maim, and bomb ourselves, or the God in each of us. The message that Marilyn/Sherrie and I bring to the world is: Love yourself and each other, and in this way heal yourself, and live in peace and experience God’s joy.

Love and Light,