Dr. Adrian Finkelstein presented on Sunday, July 1st to the Founding Mystics Group in Las Vegas, at their annual meeting, (for more info visit: www.johnadams.net,) his life- long professional work on reincarnation, as a tool for healing, and especially how his work has been recognized by major TV networks, such as CNN, MSNBC, Japanese TV, BBC, GM UK, Coast-to-Coast Radio, and as a main feature, on the first pages of Los Angeles Times, New York Daily News, Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, Sunday Telegraph, Eve Magazine UK, and many other publications. He emphasized in particular his healing work with Sherrie Lea Laird, top-of-the-charts Scottish-Canadian pop young singer, which resulted in proving that she is also the reincarnation of Louise de la Valliere, the first mistress of the notorious French king, Louis XIV, and the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe. His presentation, as well as his newly released book on this subject: MARILYN MONROE RETURNS: THE HEALING OF A SOUL, were very warmly received, by about one hundred participants in the audience.


Marilyn Monroe Returns: The Healing of a Soul

marilyn monroe book cover

By Adrian Finkelstein, MD

Book Review by Marie-Claire Wilson

Adrian Finkelstein, M.D, is a board certified psychiatrist and former assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at UCLA. He was chief of the out-patient department of psychiatry at Mount Sinai Medical Center and an assistant professor of psychiatry at the Chicago Medical School and Rush Medical School and University in Chicago.

Also, from 2002 to 2004 he taught UCLA third-year psychiatric residents complimentary/alternative medicine, which included therapeutic hypnosis and past-life regression therapy, in which he has been an expert and pioneer for 30 years.

Dr. Finkelstein is the recipient of the first graduate distinguished research award from the most prestigious psychiatric center in the world at the time, the Menninger School of Psychiatry. He was born in Bucharest and now lives and practices in Malibu, California.

It’s now nearly 44 years after the death of Marilyn Monroe - she died on August 5, 1962), and now we finally have a definitive book about the tragic destiny of this woman of exceptional beauty. Marilyn Monroe continues to inspire us, and she fascinates everyone in the entire world, and most probably, she will continue to do so forever because of her enormous “it” quality. Misunderstood as she was, Marilyn Monroe receives a courageous “outing” by Sherrie Lea Laird, an up-and-coming pop star who risks everything to tell the truth about being the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe.

Sherrie Lea Laird, as the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe, solves mysteries about “The Monroe” that have gone unanswered for decades — including a revelation about how Marilyn Monroe really died! This book also includes past-life regression sessions in which Sherrie Lea Laird answered questions as Marilyn Monroe. This book is a must have for legions of Marilyn fans, whether the fanatical, the skeptical, or the merely curious.

This book has been written four parts, which are subdivided in the following ways:

Part I:

One: The Making of a Regression Therapist
Two: The Psychiatrist in Search of a New Modality
Three: Past-Life Regression Therapy
Four: Marilyn Remembered by Sherrie Lea Laird
Five: First Contact

Part II:

Six: Marilyn/Sherrie Returns
Seven: Marilyn Reclaimed
Eight: Let the Healing Begin
Nine: Fall on Deaf Ears

Part III:

Ten: The Kennedy Men and the Final Days
Eleven: Forgiving and Releasing
Twelve: Leaving Marilyn Behind

Part IV:


In October 1998, Dr. Adrian Finkelstein, a psychiatrist practicing past life therapy for more than twenty years, was working with Sherrie Lea Laird, a professional singer in Canada. Sherry Lea Laird was having repeated flashbacks and dreams of a past life as Marilyn Monroe.

After a lot of correspondence by emails, Dr Adrian Finkelstein decided to contact this person and listen to her very sad story with an open mind. Ever since she was a child, she had been having frightening nightmares, as well as dreadful flashbacks of Marilyn Monroe. And since the age of fourteen, she has claimed that her life had completely changed, including her effect on men. When she talked about her childhood, the psychiatrist found that she could transform herself by her memories, which put her in extreme distress, into another person who was at the mercy of her past lives. The author recounts how he was surprised because he had never before had such an interesting patient.

This book impressed me on a personal level because I am a fan of Marilyn Monroe. She was not only a woman of exceptional beauty, but also she was a very talented actress - underrated in my opinion. Beneath her sexy appearance there was this fragile woman who was so intelligent, so sensitive, and so talented, but who realized that being beautiful and sensitive could be a hindrance in life. She wanted desperately just to be happy, but the world did not want that for her, and she never seemed to achieve what should have been a simple thing for such a woman. The woman that she was, was always overshadowed by the image of her as a sexpot, and men used her as if she were merely a beautiful object. Women can identify and sympathize with Marilyn Monroe because she was such a sweet person, and she never hurt anyone or anything, instead, she cared deeply about people and animals. Yet she was used and thrown away.

Here’s an example from the book about the final days involving the Kennedy men. Dr. Finkelstein talked about the Kennedy men, and this is how it went as he asked her, “That’s what we’re trying to establish, so that’s the reaction. What do you have to add to that or to say or to elaborate about?”

Laird: “Well, what just came to me right now was how letting somebody else’s love for you not have such an impact on you, like what happened to me when, you know, I’m realizing that Jack, you know, doesn’t care about me, to feel that much pain, no. That’s not right, to feel that much pain because someone doesn’t want you or doesn’t love you. That’s not right. That’s bothering me right now. I’m thinking to myself that might have a lot to do with my healing also.”

Dr. Finkelstein: “Right, so what makes you feel that pain? I mean.”

Laird: “Whatever that was, what I felt, that feeling of such chest pain and such hysterical reaction.”

Here’s another excerpt from a past life regression with Sherrie Lea Laird by Dr. Adrian Finkelstein, on November 13, 2005, in Toronto, Ontario:

Dr. Finkelstein: “I want you now to go back in time, to the time you were Norma Jean, and you were a young girl. Do you want to say something?”

Laird: (coughing )

Dr. Finkelstein: “It’s all right. I want you to feel protected and well.”

Laird: (coughing )

Dr. Finkelstein: “What do you feel? It’s okay.”

Laird: “Hard to breath. Hard to breath.”

Dr. Finkelstein: “According to your birth certificate, you are Norma Jean. What is the name on your birth certificate, and when and where were you born? You’re old enough to know that.”

Laird: “Norma Jean Mortensen, June 1st, 1926.”

Dr. Finkelstein: “1926?”

Laird: “Yes.”

Dr. Finkelstein: “Now I want you tell me. How do you feel about the beginning years of your life? Can you describe your childhood experience as Norma Jean, like up to age ten? And you realize that before, you already mentioned a few things, whatever you haven’t mentioned.”

All these revelations through her past life regressions are absolutely fascinating and even extraordinary. There are also some photos in the book of Marilyn Monroe and Sherry Lea Laird at corresponding ages, and the similarity of their looks is astonishing. There are tons of revelations about the life of Marilyn Monroe in this book, including the way that she died. There have been so many contradictions and mysteries surrounding her death, but this book opens our eyes to another possibility of what the truth is.

Today, to us, Marilyn Monroe seems more legend than a real woman. Few realize that she attained her stardom not through her many charms - but on the contrary, through hard work and long travails. She deserves to be remembered for
eternity as a kind of human goddess. That’s one of the themes that you will get when you read this wonderful book. I highly recommend it to all readers, especially those interested in or who have questions about past life regression.

Marie-Claire Wilson, author of the Spiritual Tarot: The Keys to the Divine Temple, is a bilingual writer and poet. She has been a practicing medium for 28 years using direct clairvoyance, the tarot, numerology and palmistry. For an appointment face-to-face or phone readings call: 404-847-7330 or visit my web site www.marie-claire.tv

Copyright 2007. Written by Marie-Claire Wilson and published in Oracle 20/20 Magazine, January 2007.